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Thread: Woot-Off Conclusion - and an explanation for fail

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    The woot-off is finally over (woo-hoo)! There have been crappy bags, flying monkeys, hard drives, pressure cookers, and power tools galore. But Wootalyzer still had moments of crappyness! Here's why, in chronological order:

    Day 1, 2 AM - Our host decides it's a good time to reboot the entire network.

    Day 1, 3 AM - Our host still hasn't rebooted the server. Something is wrong.

    Day 1, 3:30 AM - The server is finally rebooted. They send us an apology email.

    Day 1, 12 PM - The server goes down again for no reason. It's back up within 15 minutes, but we place an order for a new server at a different host just in case.

    Day 2, 1 AM - The new server is up and online.

    Day 2, 12 PM - The new server goes offline! What! Apparently there was scheduled maintnence (which was actually announced before hand, but we were a new customer and missed the email).

    Day 2, 1 PM - The new server is back online.

    Luckily, there were no interruptions during the BOC or monkies, but let's face it. Our luck was terrible this round. Switching between normal days (when update time doesn't matter as much), and woot-off days (when you want your item updates INSTANTLY) is difficult. But eventually, we'll get it down.

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    I think I can speak for everyone when saying, we really really appreciate all the work and effort you put into building, updating and keeping Wootalyzer up and running.

    Wootalyzer is the best way to track the Deal-A-Day sites and I don't know what I would do without it.

    Thanks Thanks Thanks!!!

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